Buildings Re-tuning Training

Learn about how a leading commercial real estate company trained facilities staff and implemented re-tuning at one of its properties to realize low-cost energy savings.

Re-tuning is a low-cost process to identify and correct building operational problems that lead to energy waste. To expand the practice of re-tuning, the Department of Energy (DOE), with support from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), developed training curricula focused on re-tuning both large (with a building automation system, or BAS) and small (without a BAS) commercial buildings.

DOE is utilizing a train-the-trainer approach to deliver the building re-tuning curricula, engaging its Better Buildings Alliance partners as well as setting up training centers in association with the National Institute of Science and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP).

The Building Construction Technology Extension Program (BCTEP)

Funded by DOE in collaboration with NIST MEP, the BCTEP pilot engaged three MEP centers across the country to deliver re-tuning training using the extension program model, which has been tested and proven in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors. Each MEP center employed the core training material provided by DOE and developed additional modules focused on the specific needs of their local market.

  • The Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence in California, partnering with Laney College and the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 39.
  • Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center in Pennsylvania, partnering with Pennsylvania State University and Pennsylvania College of Technology.
  • New York State Department of Economic Development in New York, partnering with City University of New York and Rochester Institute of Technology.

The BCTEP pilot provided students at the three MEP centers with both classroom training and hands-on experience to teach them how to re-tune buildings on a continuous basis and maintain energy performance over time. The pilots are complete and DOE and NIST MEP are synthesizing results and lessons learned in anticipation of opening the BCTEP to broader enrollment at the end of 2013. The lessons learned will help improve the BCTEP approach to instructional design, and will be used to develop additional recruitment strategies. More information will be posted here when the broader BCTEP enrollment is announced.

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The Re-Tuning Training Project offers training curricula for operators of large and small commercial buildings.