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Photo of racing cars on race track

Each year, racing teams and manufacturers work diligently to secure a cup finish at each race. Series that partner with Green Racing also receive special recognition for their participation through the Green Challenge award which is presented at the end of each race to the team and manufacturer who are the most Clean, Fast, and Efficient.  Racing series interested in becoming Green Racing partners can learn more about the requirements and benefits of qualifying series.


Mimicking this on-track green challenge, fans can test drive the Green Racing simulator at various race events throughout the year. Find out who took the top spot on the Green Racing simulator leader board this season.


  • Winner’s Circle: Find out which teams, manufacturers, and fans came out on top at the most recent Green Racing events.


  • Past Winners: See who took home the Green Racing championship from 2009-2013.


  • Upcoming Events:  Learn about the upcoming events for Green Racing partnership series and find out where the Green Racing simulator is scheduled to appear.