Green Racing Redefines Sustainable Motorsport with Release of New Protocols

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Green Racing is helping to bring new levels of "Clean, Fast, and Efficient" to motorsports competition and consumer vehicles through the announcement of the new Green Racing Protocols.


The Green Racing initiative is continuing to look to the future with a major update to its Green Racing protocols. Developed by the Department of Energy, EPA, and SAE International, Green Racing Protocols (SAE J2880) help motorsport sanctioning bodies establish a roadmap to increase green initiatives. It establishes guidelines for helping race series adopt environmentally responsible and sustainable technology both on the racetrack and in race operations.


Building on the original protocols developed in 2008, the revised protocols incorporate lessons learned from working with motorsport sanctioning bodies over the past five years. They expand on the Green Racing “elements” previously included in the original protocols – such as technologies that race vehicles can use - and establish new levels of commitment. These revisions allow race series that did not previously qualify for Green Racing recognition to now participate in the initiative. Some of the new technologies that teams can receive credit for include hybrid powertrains, turbo charging and direct injection as well as flex fuel options and biodiesel.


With more organizations able to participate, our message of transferring successful technologies from the racetrack to the driveway should get out to even more people. With the new Green Racing protocols, even more race series, teams, and manufacturers can gain recognition for their efforts to encourage sustainable motorsports, improve personal mobility, and truly race with relevance.