Customer Information and Behavior Working Group

SEE Action’s Customer Information and Behavior Working Group focuses on reducing energy consumption through behavior-based energy efficiency programs and strategies. Learn more about Behavior-Based Energy Efficiency; Energy Use Data Access; and Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Customer Information and Behavior Working Group Members


For more information on the Customer Information and Behavior Working Group, contact:
  • Michael Li, Staff Lead, U.S. Department of Energy

Guidance Documents

Provides an overview of residential customer information and behavior efficiency programs, and identifies key challenges to and solutions for increasing the penetration of these programs nationwide.
Provides guidance on determining the efficiency potential in a utility footprint, state, or region; evaluating efficiency as a supply-side resource; and developing detailed efficiency program plans.
Describes the key issues, best practices, and main process steps for integrating energy efficiency into resource planning on an equal basis with other resources.
Summarizes approaches taken by states on privacy and security issues related to third-party access to customer data and provides guidance on policy options for providing access to customer data.
This publication presents examples of the value that insights from behavior analytics of these data can provide (as well as pointing out its limitations).