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Currency Symbol

Measurement System *Select 'Custom' to pick individual units.

Imperial SI Chinese Custom
Temperature °F °C °C
Pressure psig barg barg
Vacuum Pressure psia bara bara
Specific Enthalpy btu/lbm kJ/kg kJ/kg
Specific Entropy btu/lbm/R kJ/kg/K kJ/kg/K
Specific Volume ft³/lb m³/kg m³/kg
Mass Flow klb/hr t/hr t/hr
Density lb/ft³ g/m³ g/m³
Energy Flow MMBtu/hr kW TCE/hr
Energy MMBtu Nm³ TCE
Power kW kW kW
Electricity kWh kWh kWh
Volume gal l l
Volume Flow gpm lpm lpm

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