A New Way of Financing On-Site Renewable Energy: ESPC Energy Sales Agreement

Live onsite
2 hours

This Energy Exchange pre-workshop will provide an overview of energy savings performance contract energy sales agreements (ESPC ESAs) and the various approaches to implementing ESPC ESAs for on-site third-party financed renewable energy projects.

ESPC ESAs are a great option for federal sites that are motivated to reduce site costs, have no capital investment funding, and cannot use the U.S. Department of Defense 10 USC 2922a authority for long-term contracting. Attendees will learn about the three approaches to implementing ESPC ESAs (site-specific/stand-alone, DOE IDIQ, and ESPC ENABLE), the Federal Energy Management Program’s ESPC ESA Toolkit, best practices, project considerations, and resources available.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will:

  • Understand the ESPC ESA project structure
  • Know the different approaches for implementing ESPC ESA projects: site-specific/stand-alone, IDIQ and ENABLE
  • Be familiar with the ESPC ESA Toolkit and FEMP’s plans for separate ESPC ENABLE and ESPC IDIQ toolkits
  • Be aware of FEMP services and resources available for ESPC ESA project support.


  • Chandra Shah, Senior Project Leader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Read Bio.

    Chandra Shah, CEM, MBA, is a senior project leader with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. She is the laboratory lead for the Federal Energy Management Program’s (FEMP) renewable energy procurement program and has been supporting FEMP since 1998. Chandra is a coauthor of the ESPC ESA Toolkit. Close Bio

  • Rachel Romero, Energy Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Read Bio.

    Rachel Romero supports renewable energy procurement and other FEMP efforts. Rachel obtained her bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Hope College. She received her master’s degree in building systems engineering from the University of Colorado and a graduate energy certificate from the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute. Close Bio


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