U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Residential Financing

This section of the guide provides the information state, local, and tribal governments need to create residential financing programs for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements.

Basic Concepts for Clean Energy Unsecured Lending and Loan Loss Reserve Funds

Discusses a loan loss reserve fund structured to support single-family residential lending, and presents U.S. Department of Energy guidance on the use of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, residential loan terms, and underwriting guidelines.

Partners and Stakeholders – Roles and Potential Impact

Presents information about the organizations responsible for implementing a loan program, including financing partners, advisors and other interested parties.

Path to Self-Sustainability

Addresses the importance of making clean energy financing programs sustainable, for example, without Recovery Act funds.

Clean Energy Lending from the Financial Institution Perspective

Poses a series of questions that potential primary or secondary financial institutions will ask grantees when considering lending products, a loan loss reserve fund, and other enhancements.

Implementation Process Flow

Shows flowcharts outlining energy efficiency and renewable energy finance implementation models for primary and secondary lenders.

Resource Requirements

Breaks down financing program resources into five categories: staffing, information sharing, consultants, legislative rulings, and legal approvals.