Presentations by Date

Friday May 17 2013
Title Presenting Organization Document Presentation date
Energy Efficient HVAC System for Distributed Cooling/Heating with Thermoelectric Devices General Motors ace048_bozeman_2013_o.pdf 05/17/2013
Cost-Competitive Advanced Thermoelectric Generators for Direct Conversion of Vehicle Waste Heat into Useful Electrical Power General Motors ace081_meisner_2013_o.pdf 05/17/2013
Nanostructured High-Temperature Bulk Thermoelectric Energy Conversion for Efficient Automotive Waste Heat Recovery GMZ Energy ace082_dangelo_2013_o.pdf 05/17/2013
Thermoelectrics Partnership: Automotive Thermoelectric Modules with Scalable Thermo- and Electro-Mechanical Interfaces Stanford University ace067_goodson_2013_o.pdf 05/17/2013
DOE/NSF Thermoelectric Partnership Project SEEBECK Saving Energy Effectively By Engaging in Collaborative Research and Sharing Knowledge Ohio State University ace068_heremans_2013_o.pdf 05/17/2013
A MultiAir / MultiFuel Approach to Enhancing Engine System Efficiency Chrysler ace062_reese_2013_o.pdf 05/17/2013
Lean Gasoline System Development for Fuel Efficient Small Car General Motors ace063_smith_2013_o.pdf 05/17/2013
Gasoline Ultra Fuel Efficient Vehicle Delphi ace064_confer_2013_o.pdf 05/17/2013
Advanced Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDI) Engine Development Ford Motor Company ace065_weaver_2013_o.pdf 05/17/2013
Advanced Combustion Concepts - Enabling Systems and Solutions (ACCESS) for High Efficiency Light Duty Vehicles Robert Bosch ace066_yilmaz_2013_o.pdf 05/17/2013