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Workforce Educators

Field Inspection Guidelines for PV Systems

This 2010 update to the 2006 edition consolidates the most import aspects of a field inspection into a simple process that can be performed in as little as 15 minutes. Explanations and illustrative pictures are included to instruct the inspector on the specific details of each step.

Green Collar Jobs in the U.S. and Colorado, Economic Drivers for the 21st Century

This report includes industry data through 2007 to forecast job growth in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries throughout the United States using a case study from experiences in Colorado.

Denver, Colorado
United States

Powering Our Future Solar Salt Lake Implementation Plan

Utah has tremendous distributed solar resource potential that can (and does) provide communities with significant benefits: local jobs, local energy sources, economic development, price stability, risk mitigation, reduced emissions, and greater energy security. With dramatically declining solar prices and the urgent need to stimulate local economies, now is the time for Utah’s communities to seize this unique opportunity.

Salt Lake City, Utah
United States


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