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The Solarize Guidebook: A Community Guide to Collective Purchasing of Residential PV Systems

This guidebook is intended to be a roadmap for project planners and solar advocates who want to create their own successful Solarize campaigns. It describes the key elements of the Solarize Portland campaigns and variations from projects across the country, along with lessons learned and planning templates.

Portland, Oregon
United States

SolOpt Optimization Tool

SolOpt is a tool for optimizing and sizing rooftop photovoltaic and solar hot water system installations. The tool is currently in beta version and can be tested using the attached Excel spreadsheet. Note: When prompted to ‘Open,’ ‘Save,’ or ‘Cancel,’ select the ‘Save’ option for proper operation.

Solar Site Survey Toolkit

After a couple outings, a principal technologist at Sandia National Laboratories saw a need for a travel kit that would have the necessary tools to make the task of site surveys more manageable and safer. They have had great success using the kit in the field already.

Tucson Request for Proposal for 1-5 MW PV PPA

The mission of Tucson Water, a Department of the City of Tucson (the City), is to ensure that its customers receive high quality water and excellent service in a cost efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner. In the interest of furthering Tucson Waters mission, the City is seeking a Contractor to finance, design, build, commission, own, operate and maintain up to a 1 megawatt (MW) DCSTC hotovoltaic (PV) system. The City also seeks an option for expanding the PV system up to a total of 5 MW DCSTC PV.

Tucson, Arizona
United States

Impact of Solar PV Laminate Membrane Systems on Roofs

In 2008, CH2M HILL performed a solar site analysis of the HP Pavilion facility for the City of San José under the Department of Energy’s Solar America Showcase program. Based on weight loading requirements of the facility’s roof, CH2M HILL recommended a building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) product that consists of thin-film, flexible photovoltaic modules that can be thermally welded to rolls of roofing membrane. The City of San José has requested information from the Tiger Team to address the following question: “The HP Arena is due for roof improvements.

San Jose, California
United States

Growing a Solar Industry in the Sacramento Clean Tech Zone

Analysis and evaluation of the Sacramento Clean Tech Zone as a location of Solar development and recommendations.

Sacramento, California
United States


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