U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


Solar Site Survey Toolkit

After a couple outings, a principal technologist at Sandia National Laboratories saw a need for a travel kit that would have the necessary tools to make the task of site surveys more manageable and safer. They have had great success using the kit in the field already.

Sonoma County Solar Implementation Plan

Solar power and energy efficiency constitute a win‐win formula to jump start the local economy and effectively respond to the climate change crisis. To address these important opportunities, this Sonoma County Solar Implementation Plan was prepared by Solar Sonoma County, a nonprofit public/private consortium of local governments, businesses, other entities and individuals working collaboratively to identify and implement initiatives to promote, expand, and accelerate solar power and energy efficiency throughout Sonoma County, under a U.S.

Santa Rosa/Sonoma County, California
United States


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