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Solar Mapper

Interactive, online mapping tool providing access to spatial data related to siting utility-scale solar facilities in the southwestern United States.

Model Interconnection Procedures

IREC first developed Model Interconnection Procedures in 2005 in an effort to capture emerging best practices in this vital area. Several important evolutions in best practices are synthesized into the 2013 Model Interconnection Procedures, last updated in 2009.

The important advances incorporated into these model procedures include:

Financing U.S. Renewable Energy Projects Through Public Capital Vehicles: Qualitative and Quantitative Benefits

This paper explores the possibility of financing renewable energy projects through raising capital in the public markets. It gives an overview of the size, structure, and benefits of public capital markets, as well as showing how renewable energy projects might take advantage of this source of new funds to lower the cost of electricity.

Regional Solar Podcast: Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission

Laura Mundell, with the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), discusses solar in greater Pittsburgh Region, and SPC's engagement in the Department of Energy's Rooftop Solar Challenge. To learn more about SPC, visitwww.spcregion.org.  For more information on the National Association of Regional Councils, visit www.narc.org.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Solarize Case Study

In March 2012, the cities of West Linn and Lake Oswego, Oregon, launched Solarize West Linn-Lake Oswego, a community-led solar initiative, supported by both cities, Clackamas County, and a grant from the city of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. Clackamas County also supported a Solarize campaign along with the county’s Oregon State University extension service – Growing Solar Clackamas County. 

West Linn, Oregon
United States
Lake Oswego, Oregon
United States
Clackamas County, Oregon
United States

Powering Your Community With Solar: Overcoming Market and Implementation Barriers (Fact Sheet)

This document introduces the Energy Department's new Solarize Guidebook: A Community Guide to Collective Purchasing of Residential PV Systems. The guide is designed for 'green' consumers, utilities, local governments, and community groups who want to replicate the success of the Solarize Portland model, overcome barriers to implementation, and permanently transform the market for solar energy in their communities.

Increasing Community Access to Solar: Designing and Developing a Shared Solar Photovoltaic System (Fact Sheet)

This document introduces the Energy Department's new Guide to Community Shared Solar: Utility, Private, and Nonprofit Project Development. The guide is designed to help those who want to develop community shared solar projects - from community organizers and advocates to utility managers and government officials - navigate the process of developing shared systems, from early planning to implementation.

Profiles in Regional Solar Planning: A Handbook and Resource Guide

The Guide is intended to provide guidance specifically to regional planning organizations on the unique roles they can play to move solar energy deployment forward in their regions. By focusing on case studies and regionally-specific tools, the Guide seeks to be a practical and applicable resource for taking full advantage of the opportunities in regional solar energy deployment.

Regional Collaborative Procurement for Solar PV Webinar

Learn how through collaborative procurement, communities can reduce the up-front costs of solar installations by working together as a group to evaluate project sites, procure solar systems and negotiate contracts, thus yielding much lower transaction costs for each individual partner.

Washington, District Of Columbia
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