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Sacramento Ordinance to Waive Aolar PV Fees

This is an ordinance by the city of Sacramento to suspend for the calendar years 2007-2009 all fees related to installation of photovoltaic systems on existing residences.

Sacramento, California
United States

Side-by-Side Testing of Water Heating Systems: Results from the 2009-2010 Evaluation

The performance of seven differing types of residential water heating systems was compared in a side-by-side test configuration over a full year period. The Hot Water System Laboratory (HWS Lab) test facility at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) in Cocoa, FL was used for the tests. Simultaneous hot water draws occur on a daily basis for the following hot water heating systems at the HWS facility with the evaluation of two draw profiles:

United States

Deed Restrictions for Solar

This report summarizes the efforts made to address Task 3 - Examples of Residential Deed Restrictions Allowing Solar. The focus of the study is on communities surrounding Houston, Texas.

Photovoltaics in Cold, Cloudy Climates

Presentation delivered by NMSU's Andy Rosenthal during the 2009 Northeastern Solar Cities Conference Solar Thermal and Photovoltaics in Cold, Cloudy Climates session.

Solar Energy Financing

Presentation delivered by NREL's Jason Coughlin during the 2009 Northeastern Solar Cities Conference Solar Energy Financing session.

Credentialing: Whats in a Name? A Lot

This article discusses the various types of credentials for solar installers, and clears up misunderstandings of the terms certification, certificate, accreditation, and licensure.

The Impact of Local Permitting on the Cost of Solar Power

Reports show how simpler solar permitting can generate billions for state economies. Streamlined permitting can make solar affordable for 50% of American homes.

PV vs. Solar Water Heating - Simple Solar Payback

Solar energy systems hang their hats on payback. Financial payback is as tangible as money in your bank account, while other types of payback—like environmental externalities—are not usually calculated in dollars. There’s no doubt that photovoltaic (PV) and solar hot water (SHW) systems will pay you back. Maybe not as quickly as you’d like, but all systems will significantly offset their cost over their lifetimes. Here we’ll try to answer: Which system will give the quickest return on investment (ROI)?

Portland's Residential Solar Permitting Guide

This program guide outlines the application and review procedures for obtaining the necessary permit(s) to install a solar energy system for a new or existing residential building. The guide also describes what system siting or design elements may trigger the need for additional plan review.

Portland, Oregon
United States

A Homebuilders Guide to Going Solar

This guide assists homebuilders who are contemplating solar-ready or solar homes. It helps them decide whether to install solar energy systems on homes or to make homes solar ready, and helps quantify the benefits for home buyers.


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