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Installing Solar on Municipal Facilities Webinar

Considering installing solar on a municipal facility? During this hour-long webinar, you will learn from the experiences of San Jose, California; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Tucson, Arizona. These three cities – all Solar America Cities – have city-run solar programs and have successfully installed solar on city-owned facilities. San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley, installed 1.3 MW of solar on a city-facility through a power-purchase agreement. The city learned from several failed RFPs, and eventually negotiated a 20-year agreement to purchase power from the installation.

San José, California
United States
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States
Tucson, Arizona
United States

Economic (Re)Development and Solar Webinar

Looking for something to do with that former landfill?  Interested in renewable energy? Communities across the country have brownfields, capped landfills, and other pieces of vacant and underutilized land, which have the potential to be successfully redeveloped with solar.

Metheun, Massachusetts
United States
Brockton, Massachusetts
United States

Draft Transcript on Municipal PV Systems

Webinar on navigating the legal, tax, and finance issues associated with the installation of Municipal PV Systems. The following agenda was developed based on Pat Boylston's experience assisting municipalities with their PV projects and the requests for information that the Solar America City technical team leads have received from many of the 25 Solar America Cities since the April 2008 meeting in Tucson.

1. Critical Potential Deal Constraints Embedded in Municipal Law.

A. Debt Limitations in City Codes, State Statutes and Constitutions


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