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Dynamic instruments that will allow you to input data to calculate specific information, such as cost or solar potential.

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Solar Mapper

Interactive, online mapping tool providing access to spatial data related to siting utility-scale solar facilities in the southwestern United States.

New Orleans Solar Calculator

The City of New Orleans and its partners provide this New Orleans Solar Calculator website as a public service to assist persons in estimating solar potential and the potential value of installing solar panels at locations in the City. The accuracy of any information contained in or calculated from this website is not warranted by the City or its partners. Additionally, the parties specifically do not represent, promise or guarantee that you will achieve the outcomes estimated by this site or that the estimated savings will be obtained.

New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

Tool to Compare Solar Energy Program Financing Options: San José

This model is intended to be used for internal discussion purposes and should be used only as a guideline for evaluating the options. The costs for the three options are automatically updated when changes are made to the Key Assumptions.

San José, California
United States

User Guide for San José Finance Tool

This user guide is intended primarily for the finance tool itself rather than an introduction to photovoltaics (PV) and PV finance. Users who do not have a basic understanding of PV systems, terminology, and financing structures are encouraged to review the documents referenced at the end of the guide..

User guide for finance tool created by Charlene Sun of the City of San José, California.

San José, California
United States

PV Cost Convergence Calculator

This PV Cost Convergence Calculator provides a big-picture look at the city-by-city timing of cost convergence for PV energy from 2000 to 2020. The calculator allows local city or utility staff, or other interested parties to understand the order of magnitude influence of commonly used incentives like grants or rebates, performance incentives, or low interest loans on the levelized cost of solar PV energy. The calculator also allows for a comparison of reference cost convergence trends to city specific scenarios.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

This calculator estimates the amount of carbon emissions you and members of your household are responsible for. It does not include emissions associated with your work or getting to work if you commute by public transportation. It was developed by IEEE Spectrum magazine.

SolOpt Optimization Tool

SolOpt is a tool for optimizing and sizing rooftop photovoltaic and solar hot water system installations. The tool is currently in beta version and can be tested using the attached Excel spreadsheet. Note: When prompted to ‘Open,’ ‘Save,’ or ‘Cancel,’ select the ‘Save’ option for proper operation.

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