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Solar Powering Your Community Workshop - Addressing Soft Costs and Barriers

These slides are from an interactive workshop, presented by the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 18, 2012.  The workshop was designed to provide actionable information on overcoming local-level barriers to solar, addressing soft costs, and implementing a successful local solar program in areas including:  1) revising zoning codes and ordinances to allow for solar; 2) streamlining permitting processes to facilitate solar installations; 3) financing solar projects; and 4) installing solar on municipal and other community facilities.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Solar Powering Your Community: Local Government Role in Increasing Solar Adoption

This PowerPoint presentation from the 2011  ICMA Annual Conference in Milwaukee describes the role of local leaders in bringing solar power to their communities. In addition, it includes specific examples of their use in a variety of places and photos.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States
Orlando, Florida
United States
Tampa, Florida
United States

Community Solar Public Opinion Research Results (Seattle)

500 Seattle City Light customers were polled to determine interest in a community solar program, how people would participate and at what price levels. This is a presentation of the results.

Seattle, Washington
United States

Solar in Cold, Cloudy Climates

Presentation delivered by Chuck Marken during the 2009 Northeastern Solar Cities Conference Solar Survey session.

Photovoltaics in Cold, Cloudy Climates

Presentation delivered by NMSU's Andy Rosenthal during the 2009 Northeastern Solar Cities Conference Solar Thermal and Photovoltaics in Cold, Cloudy Climates session.

Northeast U.S. Solar Policy: Sunny, With a Chance of...FIT?

Presentation delivered by Justin Barnes of the N.C. Solar Center during the 2009 Northeastern Solar Cities Conference Solar Energy Financing session.

Solar Energy Financing

Presentation delivered by NREL's Jason Coughlin during the 2009 Northeastern Solar Cities Conference Solar Energy Financing session.

Distributed PV Permitting and Inspection Processes

This presentation summarizes case studies of the time and cost involved in the distributed PV permitting and inspection process in three Solar America Cities, Austin, Portland, and Salt Lake City.

Austin, Texas
United States
Portland, Oregon
United States
Salt Lake City, Utah
United States

San Francisco Mayor's Solar Founders' Circle Workshop for Assessors

These slides were developed to train site assessors for the City and County of San Francisco. The presentation includes information on how to perform a site assessment for PV and SWH technologies, how to size a system, roof and electrical safety, and tools to use on a site assessment.

San Francisco, California
United States

PG&E Plans for 500 MW of PV

PG&E has developed a plan to install 500 MW of PV by the year 2015. The plan calls for 250 MW to be acquired through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and the other 250 MW to be purchased and owned by the utility. PG&E presented the plan at a public forum on April 27, 2009. A copy of the power point presentation is attached.


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