U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Solar Policy Environment: Seattle

This document outlines the policies in place affecting solar deployment.

The objective of the Emerald City Solar Initiative is to overcome the barriers to widespread deployment of solar energy technology, dramatically increasing residential, commercial, City-owned, and community-scale solar energy use. The City has assembled a strong team of partners that have proven track records in the fields of public planning, renewable energy resource mapping, financial analysis, site analysis, education and outreach, policy analysis and advocacy, community organizing and renewable energy project development.

The Emerald City Solar Initiative will address the identified barriers of high costs, lack of consumer awareness, uncertainty of feasible solar technology options in Seattle, understanding of interconnection, and a changing landscape of financial incentives that currently limit large solar installations that have the best opportunity for greater community impact. The approach to reducing these barriers includes public planning in resource conservation, building, and neighborhood development; education and outreach; targeted project siting; analysis and improvement of interconnection procedures; and the expansion of financing and ownership mechanisms for cooperative or community-scale solar installations.

Seattle, Washington
United States
December, 2009
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City of Seattle
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