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Solar Policy Environment: Ann Arbor

The resource shows the policies in place affecting solar deployment.

The goal for Ann Arbor’s Solar America Cities program is to utilize a wide range of community partners and resources to remove market barriers to the adoption of solar energy while simultaneously increasing consumer awareness and demand, and helping solar energy manufacturers and contractors to succeed. Expected outcomes include a Solar Plan for Ann Arbor, one or more large-scale photovoltaic demonstration projects, more small-scale solar hot water and photovoltaic demonstration projects, greater consumer awareness of solar options, a simpler permitting process for solar projects, and proof that solar energy works even in cloudy cities.

The Energy Coordinator will form a team of City staff stakeholders including Planning, Environment, Building, Emergency Preparedness, Code Officials and any others. The City has two significant partners who will be required to sign sub-grantee agreements with the City of Ann Arbor: the Clean Energy Coalition and the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association. These agreements will define specific tasks to be performed related to the Solar Cities Partnership and corresponding financial commitments. The Clean Energy Coalition, a local non-profit specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, will be providing support services for a wide range of planning and marketing goals as well as some implementation projects. The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association has served as the State of Michigan’s Million Solar Roofs partner and will build on the networks and momentum formed through that role to provide support for a variety of training and outreach objectives.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
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December, 2008
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