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Solar Policy Environment: Portland

This document outlines the policies in place affecting solar deployment.

City of Portland’s Solar Now! Program will pursue solar market transformation for Portland residents, businesses, and city operations. The program will work with other City bureaus to ease the regulatory process by streamlining city-level regulations for contractors, homeowners and businesses. The City will use its influence as a regulator, educator and motivator to reach the larger regional community.

City of Portland will facilitate market transformation as an end user of solar technology on its own facilities, as well as use proven marketing and outreach strategies to promote solar adoption within the commercial and residential public. Solar Now! will work with other jurisdictions to promote solar as renewable energy option. In collaboration with its partners and in partnership with the Solar America Initiative, by year 2010, the City of Portland will have become a leader in solar energy.

Portland, Oregon
United States
November, 2009
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City of Portland
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