U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Solar Policy Environment:Philadelphia

This document outlines the policies in place affecting solar deployment.

The project will identify promising locations for photovoltaic installations and create a roadmap for commercial and residential system developers. The roadmap, published as the Solar Developers Guide to Philadelphia, will be used to promote and attract solar energy investment. Philadelphia’s long-term goal for solar energy is to fully utilize the potential of solar energy to safely, reliably, and cost-effectively displace the use of energy generated by fossil fuels. To achieve its solar energy goals, the City of Philadelphia must add large commercial scale (> 500 kW) solar installations to its ongoing efforts on the smaller scale (we note that a new 1 MW PV installation will be installed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard by the end of 2008).

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
November, 2009
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City of Philadelphia