U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Solar Applications to Multiple County Buildings Feasibility Study

This study was requested by Salt Lake County in an effort to obtain a cursory overview of solar electric and solar thermal application possibilities on the rooftops of existing county buildings. The subject buildings represent various County Divisions: Aging Services, Community Services, County Health, County Library, Parks & Recreation, Public Works, County Sheriff and Youth Services. There are fifty two buildings included in the study.

Direction given to the study team by the County was simple: estimate the available roof-top areas of the buildings using a combination of aerial survey and visual inspection; estimate the amount of solar electrical and solar thermal panels that might be installed on un-shaded, unobstructed portions of flat and sloped or curved roof areas; estimate the amount of renewable energy that might be produced; compare the energy production with energy consumption for each of the subject buildings. Salt Lake County provided the team with electrical and natural gas utility records.

Salt Lake County, Utah
United States
September, 2008
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GSBS Architects (prepared for Salt Lake County)
Salt Lake County,