U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

PV Solar Site Assessment (Milwaukee high school)

The purpose of this assessment is to provide site-specific information on how a solar electric (also referred to as a photovoltaic, or PV) system would perform at your location, including information on estimated physical size, rated output, energy production, costs, financial incentives and mounting options. Site assessors are required to present unbiased information and may not recommend contractors or products.

The site owner is interested in:

  • Clean energy/environmental concerns
  • Reducing energy bills: maximizing system production and minimizing cost
  • Educational/Demonstration project: system should be accessible, visible and may include data monitoring systems
  • Public relations: system should be visible and attractive if possible
  • Customers Solar electric System Size Expectations: 10 to 30 kW.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States
May, 2009
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Ryan Lettau (Velcheck & Finger Roof Consulting and Service)
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