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Interconnecting PV on NYC's Secondary Network Distribution System

To assess ways to improve the interconnection process, NREL conducted a four-part study with support from DOE. The NREL team then compiled the final reports from each study into this report.

In Section 1—PV Deployment Analysis for New York City—we analyze the technical potential for rooftop PV systems in the city. This analysis evaluates potential PV power production in ten Con Edison networks of various locations and building densities (ranging from high density apartments to lower density single family homes). Next, we compare the potential power production to network loads to determine where and when PV generation is most likely to exceed network load and disrupt network protection schemes. The results of this analysis may assist Con Edison in evaluating future PV interconnection applications and in planning future network protection system upgrades. This analysis may also assist other utilities interconnecting PV systems to networks by defining a method for assessing the technical potential of PV in the network and its impact on network loads.

Section 2—A Briefing for Policy Makers on Connecting PV to a Network Grid—presents an overview intended for nontechnical stakeholders. This section describes the issues associated with interconnecting PV systems to networks, along with possible solutions.

Section 3—Technical Review of Concerns and Solutions to PV Interconnection in New York City—summarizes common concerns of utility engineers and network experts about interconnecting PV systems to secondary networks. This section also contains detailed descriptions of nine solutions, including advantages and disadvantages, potential impacts, and road maps for deployment.

Section 4—Utility Application Process Review—looks at utility interconnection application processes across the country and identifies administrative best practices for efficient PV interconnection.

November, 2009
New York, New York
United States
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K. Anderson, M. Coddington, K. Burman, S. Hayter, B. Kroposki, A. Watson (NREL)
New York,