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Implementing Solar PV Projects on Historic Buildings and in Historic Districts

Many municipalities, particularly in older communities of the United States, have a large amount of historic buildings and districts. In addition to preserving these historic assets, many municipalities have goals or legislative requirements to procure a certain amount of energy from renewable sources and to become more efficient in their energy use; often, these requirements do not exempt historic buildings.

This paper details findings from a workshop held in Denver, Colorado, in June 2010 that brought together stakeholders from both the solar and historic preservation industries. Based on these findings, this paper identifies challenges and recommends solutions for developing solar photovoltaic (PV) projects on historic buildings and in historic districts in such a way as to not affect the characteristics that make a building eligible for historic status.

September, 2011
Denver, Colorado
United States
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Alicen Kandt, Eliza Hotchkiss, and Andy Walker (NREL); Jennifer Buddenborg and James Lindberg (National Trust for Historic Preservation)