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Esthetically Designed Municipal PV System Maximizes Energy Production and Revenue Return

In late 2008, the City of Sebastopol, CA installed a unique 42 kW grid-interactive photovoltaic (PV) system to provide electricity for pumps of the Sebastopol municipal water system. The resulting innovative Sun Dragon PV system, located in a public park, includes design elements that provide optimized electrical performance and revenue generation for the energy produced while also presenting an artistic and unique appearance to park visitors.

Early results indicate that the system design does maximize revenue value from the on-site electricity generation through matching of peak energy with the time-of-use tariffs in place for this large electrical load. Results are presented showing system production and time coincidence with high value peak tariff rates. In addition, the 15’ high, 11’ wide and 365’ long system is at home in this park setting with interesting appearance and broad acceptance by the public.

The City of Sebastopol through its Solar Sebastopol initiative received a California Air Resources Board grant to form Solar Sonoma County. Solar Sonoma County in
conjunction with the City of Santa Rosa and the other nine municipal governments in Sonoma County participate in the Solar America Cities program sponsored by the U.S.Department of Energy.

Sebastapol, California
United States
March, 2009
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Andrew Rosenthal (New Mexico State University) and Michael Kyes (KGA Associates, LLC)
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