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July 30, 2012

I am looking of examples of how local units of government have utilized state/federal governmental tax credits to reduce the cost of PV/solar electric systems.  I know there is a way with vehicle fueling alternatives, but I am searching for how tax credits can make our dollars go further with PV.


There are a few ways that local governments can utilize federal and state tax credits for PV. Generally, local governments cannot directly use tax credits as they are not taxpaying entities. A 3rd party power purchase agreement is commonly used so that tax benefits can be used when a system is installed on a local government. There are also other ownership structures you might be able to use — but you would have to talk to a tax attorney about those. Some states allow non-profits or government entities to take advantage of tax credits directly or by passing through benefits to an outside party. There's state-by-state information on this in the DSIRE Solar Policy Comparison Tables.

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