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May 14, 2013

Do you know of a report or available data sets that shows U.S. electric utilities and their percentage of generated and/or purchased
renewable energy/solar for 2012 (most recent)? -Verena

SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership

The SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership has been tasked with helping accelerate adoption of photovoltaic (PV) solar at the local level by providing timely and actionable information to local governments.


The best way to find this type of information is by reviewing utility and state RPS filings and reports. The 2012 data is not typically available until a minimum of 3 months after the close of a compliance year, and in some cases considerably longer depending on the state. Information on voluntary utility green power programs is available from the DOE Green Power Network, but by itself it does not paint a very accurate picture. There are also some potentially useful data sets for some of this type of information from 2010 and 2011 and if you are willing do a little bit of additional research through past utility and state RPS filings and reports. 

You could also contact the Solar Electric Electric Association (SEPA) and see if they are able to help getting the data you are looking for.  In addition, SEPA publishes a Utility Solar Rankings Report that has data on the amount of new solar power interconnected by U.S. electric utilities in 2011. (The 2012 report will be published soon). To access this report, please visit http://www.solarelectricpower.org/solar-tools/sepa-utility-solar-rankings.aspx.

The SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership works with solar industry experts to enable local governments across the United States to expand their local solar markets. You can go to www.solaroutreach.org to learn how we are working with local governments to remove barriers in local markets and increase installed solar capacity. You can also find resources that we provide related to increasing solar energy in the U.S.

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