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Parmenter Realty Partners is a real estate investment, management and development company headquartered in Miami, Florida, with three regional offices in Atlanta, Dallas, and Washington, DC. The company operates a series of institutional investment funds, and is actively involved in the expansion of its portfolio in major markets. Parmenter Realty Partners identifies and acquires underperforming properties, and utilizing its vertically-integrated platform, the company increases value on behalf of its investors.

Parmenter Realty Partners is committed to corporate responsibility and sustainability which have led to better investments, better assets, and to the rapid growth and success of the company. As a Better Buildings Challenge Partner, Parmenter Realty Partners has committed to a 20% reduction in energy use by 2020 across 8 million square feet of property. The company also has a short term goal of 15% savings by 2014. Parmenter Realty Partners is constantly looking for ways to reduce the impact its buildings have on the environment, and incorporates holistic management principles to the operation of its buildings providing a healthy environment for tenants and visitors.

Parmenter REalty Partners