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Energy Performance



Reduction in Energy Intensity by 2020



Million Square Feet



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Annual (2013)


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Showcase Project

Richard J. Cook Center for Environmental Science
Meadville, PA

Implementation Model

Allegheny College's Playbook
Leverage Student-Faculty Research


Allegheny College, a national liberal arts college where 2,100 students with unusual combinations of interests, skills and talents excel, will celebrate its bicentennial in 2015. A leader in sustainability, the college has committed to achieving climate neutrality by the year 2020. Through the Better Buildings Challenge, Allegheny College will reduce energy consumption 20% by 2020 in 1.3 million square feet of building space across their campus. Carr Hall, currently under renovation, will house the Richard J. Cook Center for Environmental Science and be showcased under the Better Buildings Challenge program. The renovation includes high-efficiency HVAC systems, daylighting and efficient lighting solutions, as well as glazing, shading, and a vestibule to increase the lobby's energy efficiency.

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