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Energy Performance



Reduction in Energy Intensity by 2016 from a 2005 Baseline



Facilities, covering 37 million square feet



Cumulative (vs Baseline)


Annual (2013)


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Market Innovation

3M established a capital set-aside program for energy efficiency projects that were not funded through the normal process. The program has funded over 44 projects to date.

Progress to Date

In 2011, 3M implemented 136 energy efficiency projects in geographically dispersed plants and achieved a 1.7% reduction in total energy intensity.

Showcase Projects

Laboratory Building 236 Ventilation Upgrade
Maplewood, MN

Implementation Model

3M's Playbook
Capital Set Aside Fund


3M is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services operating in more than 65 countries. Between 1990 and 2010, 3M cut absolute worldwide greenhouse gas emissions by 72%.

As a partner of the Better Buildings Challenge, 3M has committed 94 plants to reduce energy use an additional 25% by 2016 throughout 37 million square feet of building space. Through the Better Buildings Better Plants Challenge, 3M will maintain a focus on transparency around a capital set aside for energy efficiency projects and highlight an innovative recognition program that rewards top performing plants.

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