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Energy Performance


25% Reduction in Energy Intensity by 2016 from a 2005 Baseline


99 Facilities


Cumulative (vs. Baseline) 18%
Annual (2013) 2%


Portfolio Energy Performance

Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge partners strive to decrease portfolio-wide source energy use intensity (EUI) from a baseline year. 3M's portfolio consists of 99 plants as of 2013. 3M's corporate energy management program includes energy champions and energy teams at all major facilities, worldwide. Over the past five years, these teams have implemented over 750 energy projects, thanks in part to a capital set-aside program dedicated to energy efficiency projects. 3M designs new equipment and facilities to be energy efficient. For its 2013 data, 3M adopted a new methodology for tracking energy efficiency improvement for facilities within the United States. As a result, the cumulative savings percentage has declined from previous reports; however, with the new methodology, 3M is still achieving positive annual improvements.

Energy Performance by Facility

Looking at the percent improvement in energy performance across all facilities can provide insight into how an organization is saving energy. Nearly a quarter of all 3M's facilities have exceeded a 10% improvement in energy intensity since the baseline year, but some other plants have actually seen a worsening of energy intensity. These results may reflect changes in the business cycle, which can affect energy consumption. These facilities are also a good target for future efficiency efforts.

Method for Calculating Energy Performance

The scope of 3M’s pledge includes a total of 99 different plants, each manufacturing a complex mix of products. 3M uses value of shipments in determining energy intensity at the plant and corporate levels. 3M uses a financial measure to track energy intensity because it does not have a single unit of production output it can use consistently across its plants, or often even in the same plant. While 3M tracks energy intensity at the plant level, it calculates corporate-wide energy intensity based on US energy usage in MMBtu which is indexed to plant output. Financial figures are adjusted to account for the rate of inflation utilizing the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers.


2005 71 31,103,740
2010 85 30,335,064
2011 85 30,254,155
2012 94 30,278,741
2013 99 30,656,451