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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Challenge Commitment

Automated Data Uploads, Multi-Measure Program Offerings, Combined Electric/Water/Gas Programs

Implementation Model

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power's Playbook
Streamlined Tri-resource Efficiency Programs


The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is the nation's largest municipally-owned utility, providing safe, reliable and affordable electric and water service to nearly 4 million people. Since 2000, LADWP's energy efficiency programs have saved more than a billion kilowatt-hours and reduced demand by almost 300 MW – enough to offset the construction of a mid-sized power plant. On the water front, LADWP's water efficiency programs have enabled the City of Los Angeles to reduce overall water usage over the last 25 years despite population growth of over 1,000,000 people in the same time frame. As a Better Buildings Challenge Utility Ally, LADWP will offer automated data upload into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and coordinate multi-measure program offerings for its customers. LADWP will also partner with the regional gas utility to offer combined electric/water/gas programs to customers, a nation-leading first at this scale.