• 3 Billion Square Feet Committed. $2 Billion in Financing through Allies. 600+ Manufacturing Facilities. View article

  • President Obama speaks on American energy. View video

  • Partners and Allies network, share strategies at the Better Buildings Challenge recognition ceremony at the White House

  • Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz addresses Better Buildings Summit participants in Washington, DC. View video

  • Better Buildings Challenge:
    Leadership, Transparency and Results

  • Will County, Illinois' Showcase Project:
    Sunny Hill Nursing Home

  • Cleveland Clinic's Implementation Model: Engaging Clinicians To Reduce Resource Use In Operating Rooms. View video

  • Arlington County's Implementation Model: Rethink Energy. View video

  • Cummins' Implementation Model: Energy Champion Program. View video

Partners & Allies Represent

3 Billion Square Feet Committed

$2 Billion in Financing through Allies

600+ Manufacturing Facilities

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Better Buildings® Challenge Partners

Multifamily Residential Partners

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Events & Conferences

November 4th, 2014, 3:00 – 4:00 PM EDT

Finding the Next Big Thing(s) in Building Energy Efficiency: HIT Catalyst and the Technology Demo Program

Join Better Buildings program participants who are working with U.S. Department of Energy staff to test promising technologies in their buildings. Learn what they are finding and how you can get involved.

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