Commercial Real Estate & Hospitality

Commercial Real Estate and Hospitality properties represent more than 15.2 billion square feet, or more than 26% of all commercial floor space. Collectively, these properties consume more than 30% of all commercial building energy use and spend more than $30 billion on energy annual. Energy consumption typically comprises a property’s single largest operating expense, representing up to 30% of an average building’s costs.

This group, first launched in 2009, has a diverse membership of almost 80 organizations including owners and managers of regional and national real estate portfolios. Our members represent all major building types including offices, hotels, industrial properties, and retail centers. View select opportunities for Commercial Real Estate and Hospitality members.

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Highlighted Activities

Try proven energy-saving strategies documented in the Better Buildings Challenge Implementation Models
Review implementation models that outline actions, tools, and supporting documentation used successfully by partners who have taken the Better Buildings Challenge to achieve their portfolio-wide energy efficiency savings goals. Contact us for additional assistance when you’re ready to try out one of these strategies in your own portfolio.

Participate in Market Solutions Teams
Further your energy-saving goals by connecting with Market Solutions Teams, such as Leasing & Split Incentive, Financing, Workforce Development, Data Access, and Appraisal & Valuations.

Participate in Technology Solutions Teams
Further your energy-saving goals by connecting with Technology Solutions Teams, such as Lighting & Electrical and Space Conditioning.

Apply for the Green Lease Leaders recognition
Demonstrate your commitment to superior energy performance by using green lease language to bridge the landlord-tenant divide on sustainability. The Green Lease Leaders program sets a standard for green leasing and recognizes those organizations leading the way towards sustainable landlord-tenant relationships.

Adopt or expand the use of Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)
Use the technology classification framework to select the right technology for your building portfolio and build the business case using the EIS cost and benefits report. Visit the EMIS Project team page for more information.

Sign Up to Demo High-Efficiency Heat Pump Water Heaters
Hospitality Sector members are invited to participate in a two month technology demonstration for the new Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Specification. Heat pump waters heaters built according to this specification can reduce water heating energy by 30-70% compared to an electric storage water heater. Locations should have an electric storage water heater and hot water usage of 600-3,000 gallons per day. Host sites will receive discounted equipment and are asked to share feedback on equipment operation, performance, and the overall experience. Instrumentation for the demonstration will be installed and removed at no cost to the host facility. For more information, read the fact sheet or contact Jen Singer, Hospitality Sector Account Manager.

Join the Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP) Campaign
LEEP into lighting and lower your facility's exterior lighting operating costs through thoughtful design of a new parking site or lighting retrofits. To become part of the campaign, submit a registration form. Visit the Lighting & Electrical team page for more information.

Save energy by installing high performance rooftop units (RTUs), implementing retrofit measures, and joining the Advanced Rooftop Unit Campaign (ARC)
The Space Conditioning team is helping members realize energy and costs savings of 20 to 50% through the installation of new high efficiency RTUs produced by the High Performance Rooftop Unit Challenge, advanced control retrofits, and participation in ARC.

Participate in the Energy information systems (EIS) study
Contact us to participate in a case investigation examining the use of EIS to document the business case for EIS adoption and technology uses. Visit the Energy Management & Information Systems team page for additional information.

Participate in the plug and process loads (PPL) capacity analysis project
The Plug & Process Loads team is assessing PPL energy consumption in commercial buildings to develop energy reduction guidance. If you are a member with large commercial real estate portfolios or owner-occupied buildings, contact us to participate. Visit the PPL team page for more information.

Participate in a field test of Next Generation Luminaire downlight winners
Demo high-performance LED downlight luminaires from Next Generation Luminaire competitions. Preference for host sites is given to Better Buildings Alliance member facilities, and results will provide real-world data on product performance and cost effectiveness.

Express your support for the Better Buildings Energy Data Accelerator and identify opportunities for stakeholder engagement and input
City-utility pairs have committed to develop and implement systems that will demonstrate streamlined, best-practice approaches for building owners to access whole-building energy usage data—with a specific focus on providing information for multi-tenant buildings. Contact us if you are interested in becoming directly involved with a specific city’s stakeholder engagement process, or view a letter of support from 5 commercial building members.

Energy Management Resources

ENERGY STAR for Buildings and Plants
Homepage of the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program for commercial buildings and plants.

ENERGY STAR for Hospitality
Extensive list of resources including factsheets, trainings and webinars to assist with benchmarking hotel properties using the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool.

ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard
A proven approach for U.S. industrial and commercial facilities to continually improve energy performance. This powerful new standard from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provides an internationally recognized framework for organizations to voluntarily implement an energy management system.

U.S. EPA Guidelines for Energy Management
A proven strategy for energy management developed by the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR program.

AH&LA Green Resource Center and Green Guidelines
Summary of association sustainability efforts including environmental guidelines, green glossary, educational publications and links to eco suppliers.

New Construction and Renovation

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) BetterBricks
NEEA’s repository of resources and tools for improving the operations and performance of buildings.

ENERGY STAR Building Upgrade Manual:
A strategic manual designed to assist building owners and managers to design and implement energy performance measures in commercial buildings.

Advanced Energy Retrofit Guides
The Advanced Energy Retrofit Guides (AERGs) were created to help decision makers plan, design, and implement energy improvement projects in their facilities. Guides are available for office buildings, warehouses and retail buildings.

Advanced Energy Design Guides
Created by ASHRAE and its partners, the Advanced Energy Design Guides for 50% Savings offer designers and contractors the tools needed for achieving a 50% energy savings compared to buildings that meet the minimum requirements of Standard 90.1-2004.

Financing Resources

Better Buildings Challenge Financial Allies
Financial Allies have committed nearly $2 billion to help owners and managers improve the efficiency of their buildings. Learn more (link to financial allies page) about their offerings.

Better Buildings Alliance Financing Team
The Market Solutions Financing Team is working to overcome access to low-cost, third-party capital to help offset high up-front costs.

ENERGY STAR Building Upgrade Value Calculator for Office Buildings
An online calculator tool that enables property owners and operators to assess the financial value associated with investments in energy performance for the building.

DOE 179D Tax Deduction Eligibility Calculator
A DOE approved tool that provides calculations to determine eligibility for the 179D federal tax deduction as a substitute for other modeling software. The 179D DOE Calculator provides pre-simulated results to determine qualification for both the partial and interim compliance pathways.

DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency)
A comprehensive database of incentives, rebates and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States.

Technology Deployment & Selection Resources

Better Buildings Alliance Specifications
Better Buildings Alliance members and DOE technical experts collaborate on Technical Solutions Teams to develop energy-saving performance specifications on advanced technologies for members to deploy in their facilities.

Technology Performance Exchange
the Technology Performance Exchange will establish a web-based portal and accompanying database that allows technology suppliers to submit product performance data that private and public sector end users can use to make fact-based procurement decisions.

Commercial Buildings Resource Database
The database provides resources developed by the Building Technologies Office and its partners. Building owners and operators can use this centralized collection of materials produced from DOE's commercial buildings research to design, build, and upgrade their facilities.

GSA Green Proving Ground (GPG)
Summary and reports for energy efficiency technologies evaluated by the U.S. General Services Administration Green Proving Ground (GPG) Program.

PNNL Rooftop Unit Comparison Calculator
A web-based, easy-to-use life-cycle cost calculator comparing standard rooftop units (RTUs) with high-efficiency models.

Federal Energy Management Program Technology Deployment
The federal technology deployment evaluation process, matrix, and recommendations of technologies that can be considered for adoption across federal buildings. Research and suggestions are frequently applicable to the commercial building sector, in general.

ENERGY STAR Purchasing and Procurement
An ENERGY STAR resource on purchasing efficient products to reduce energy costs without compromising quality. Learn more about ENERGY STAR qualified products and specify them in your purchasing policies and contracts.


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