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2014 Better Buildings Case Competition: A Side of Savings

June 27, 2014
12:00-1:00 PM EDT

The Better Buildings Case Competition challenges collegiate teams to present unique and innovative solutions for reducing energy waste and improving the efficiency of our nation’s homes and commercial buildings to industry leaders. The 2014 winning student teams included Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, Yale University, Stanford University, University of California - Santa Barbara, University of California – San Diego, University of California – Berkeley, Columbia University, and MIT.

Team Everpower, of Carnegie Mellon University, and Team Crown Joules, of Harvard University, will present their solution to: A Side of Savings: Energy Efficiency in the Restaurant Franchise Model Case Study - Students were challenged to develop a strategy for restaurant franchises to deploy energy efficiency solutions, including consideration of the complicated ownership, investment, and management. Register today.

Best Proposal: Everpower from Carnegie Mellon University
Team Everpower was awarded Best Proposal for their use of established businesses for non-intrusive load monitoring to inform behavior, their proposal for internal competitions, their use of the Monte-Carlo method and sensitivity analysis to research the financial aspect of the problem, and their ancillary recommendations including online ordering and robotics systems. Their solution was very thorough and included consultations with many building operators.

Most Innovative: Crown Joules from Harvard University
Team Crown Joules was awarded Most Innovative for their novel approach to target specific zones in the US and sub-divide branding and marketing. The team attempted to tie energy savings to increased revenue that included a workable branding initiative to award efficient stores with labeling and “premium benefits” for customers (Wi-Fi, certificates).

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