Organizations have traditionally relied on monthly utility bills to track whole-building energy use, and to benchmark against previous year’s usage or other buildings. Tracking energy use at a more granular level within buildings – by system or piece of equipment, with reporting every 15 minutes in some cases – can help building staff isolate usage issues and correct them much more quickly. This session featured Better Buildings Challenge Partners who are employing real-time energy management to achieve their energy reduction goals. The Tower Companies described their efforts working with a third party vendor who installed sensors throughout their commercial and residential buildings and acts as an "energy guardian angel," alerting Tower of energy anomalies and proposed corrections. The City of Beaverton, Oregon presented their pilot real-time energy monitoring program for city buildings, which shows great promise. Best Buy described the successful deployment of a real-time energy management system across their retail building portfolio.

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Real-time Energy Management: Feb. 4, 2014