Install a gas heater that uses 10% less energy using the gas heater specification

The Space Conditioning team released a specification outlining energy-related product requirements for commercial gas heaters. Using the specification, purchasers can ensure they procure a high-efficiency, high-quality product from manufacturers.

Operating an older gas heater for 2,000 hours can cost up to $5,700 a year. Compared to typical space heating equipment, gas heaters built to this specification can reduce energy use by over 10%. If widely adopted, U.S. businesses could save about 34.7 TBtu of energy, or about $300 million in energy costs, per year. An individual business would see savings between $2,900 and $3,600 over five years.

This specification is unique, as it offers different high-efficiency gas heating options to best meet each building's needs and addresses unit heaters, direct-fired heaters and infrared heaters.