Space Conditioning

Commercial space conditioning (heating, cooling, and ventilation) accounts for about 7.0 quads of primary energy per year, or about 40% of total commercial use in the U.S. Fortunately, there are several cost-effective opportunities to reduce space conditioning energy use.

Building owners, managers, and operators can reduce supplemental energy loads to minimize the burden on heating and cooling systems, tune up existing systems, and replace older equipment with newer and more efficient varieties. Members of the Space Conditioning team work with DOE's national laboratories to deploy these and other energy-saving space-conditioning strategies.

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Tools & Resources

Advanced Rooftop Unit Campaign (RTU) Decision Tree for RTU Replacements or Retrofits
The rooftop unit (RTU) decision tree can be used for preliminary screening for replacement or retrofit of RTU units with more efficient solutions. This decision tree helps users organize RTUs into bins for “retrofit,” “replacement,” “no action,” or “needs further analysis.”

Advanced Rooftop Unit Campaign (RTU) Inventory Spreadsheet
The rooftop unit inventory spreadsheet can be used to gather basic RTU information used in a streamlined evaluation process.

Advanced Rooftop Unit Campaign (RTU) Evaluation Checklist
The rooftop unit (RTU) Field Evaluation Checklist is intended to help identify damage, dysfunction, or degradation that requires more than routine maintenance. The checklist should be used to conduct a visual-based field evaluation to further refine the preliminary analysis.

ENERGY STAR Building Upgrade Manual
This manual contains energy-saving building upgrades and cost-effective retrofit opportunities. See Chapter 5 for retrocommissioning, Chapter 8 for air-distribution systems, and Chapter 9 for heating and cooling upgrades.

Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) purchasing requirements
A FEMP resource on procuring high-efficiency products, many not covered by ENERGY STAR®. Although developed for a federal audience, they can apply to the private sector. See also the FEMP energy and cost savings calculators for energy efficient products.

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