Participate in a project to meter plug and process loads (PPL) in your building

The PPL team is collaborating with NREL to assess PPL energy consumption in commercial buildings and to develop PPL energy reduction guidance for building owner/managers. This will give brokers and tenants reliable, unbiased data that can be used to lower PPL capacities in lease agreements.

Occupants often lack accurate references for plug load power requirements and consequently overestimate their actual needs. Designers then oversize electrical infrastructure and cooling systems, which increases upfront capital costs and energy consumption. Oversizing can also raise HVAC system and operating costs. Though tenants typically request PPL capacities of 5–15 W/ft2 in their lease agreements, initial data suggests that actual PPL densities in leased buildings are substantially lower. Members of the PPL are working to bridge this information gap and provide better PPL capacity guidance to improve energy-efficient loading levels in electrical and cooling systems.

Contact us if you are a member who has large commercial real estate portfolios or owner-occupied buildings and would like to get involved.