Adopt exterior lighting controls guidance

The Lighting & Electrical Team identified a need for guidance related to the planning, specification, and application of devices and systems used to control lighting in building exteriors and parking structures. In 2013, the team released the Exterior Lighting Controls Guidance document, adding to the already robust list of resources for exterior lighting applications. Adoption of this guidance can produce energy/cost savings, energy code compliance, extended product life, and other benefits.The savings potential generated by applying exterior controls is considerable, ranging from 30-50%. Savings potential can increase when lights are actually turned off rather than going to a low output.

For context, parking lots are the third largest exterior lighting energy usage application and have an annual electricity use of 34.2 terawatt-hours (TWh) (34,000,000 kilowatt-hours). Applying controls at 100% overnight adoption could produce savings of about 30% or roughly 10 TWh. Controls guidance developed for one or two applications can inform guidance for additional applications.