Finance Strategies

The Finance Strategies team focuses on helping public entities develop finance strategies for their building portfolio. Members of this team identify a suite of projects they are looking to finance, and technical experts will lead a monthly, web-based discussions focusing on possible options and best practices in design and implementation.

Team sessions will be a mix of instruction and peer exchange, and with participants actively engaged in the discussion, including presenting their proposed finance strategy during the last session. In the future, the team may consider broadening its scope to cover finance strategies for public support in the private sector.

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Tools & Resources

DOE Solution Center Financing Solutions Portal
Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Technical Assistance Program (TAP), the portal offers information on designing clean energy financing programs for state and local governments, overseas U.S. territories, and Indian tribes.

Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
A DOE Solution Center webpage dedicated to bonds that enable qualified state, tribal and local government issuers to borrow money to fund clean energy projects.

Power Purchase Agreements
A DOE Solution Center webpage regarding a financing structure for property owners and tenants that enables renewable energy projects without having to own the equipment and pay the upfront capital cost.

Energy Savings Performance Contracting
A DOE Solution Center webpage focused on developing Energy Savings Performance Contracts.

Financing Energy Upgrades for K-12 School Districts
A TAP and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory guide and set of case studies for financing clean energy upgrades in K-12 school districts. Many of the concepts and options presented – including grants and internal cash, bonds, leasing arrangements, and other clean energy-specific financing mechanisms – are relevant to public entities beyond school districts.