In June, attend Module 1: Strategic Alignment for ESPC

An innovative webcast held in June featured the value of strategic alignment in how to start an ESPC with the end in mind. DOE offered strategies for building internal support for the project and planning ahead to mitigate or avoid common barriers before they develop. Through discussion of the common elements of a Request for Proposal (RFP) that are typical for a performance-based contract as well as strategies that can be used in development, attendees learned how to find a contractor best fit to help ensure they get what they want and are left with solutions that empower good stewardship for the long term.


  • Learn the basic steps in how to start an ESPC with the end in mind
  • Build internal support and a team to help along the way, and how to engage with qualified contractors in the energy industry
  • Develop a strong RFP and identify the strategic points in the negotiation process to help ensure what one gets will be aligned with best practice and good stewardship