In July, attend Module 2: Proposal Evaluation & Contractor Selection

Get ready to be the judge in this exciting webcast on important considerations when scoring ESPC proposals.

Through examination of typical quantitative, qualitative and mixed method approaches, this webcast will explore the important topic of contractor selection. Experts will discuss the system dynamics of how scoring criteria are typically written, how proposals are typically scored based on the set up, and why many may be leaving too much on the table and limiting market growth as a result of that cycle. This module will explore ways for attendees to break the cycles of the past, open new market potential, and achieve best value.


  • Learn how proposal requirements and scoring criteria are set up and what that means for limiting or expanding the solutions available to them as a result
  • Increase confidence with selecting a contractor and build awareness of parameters for success
  • Prepare for the investment grade audit and determine when to engage a third party consultant