In August, attend Module 3: Negotiating Best Value

Get ready for a technical dive in this session that will expose the “methods behind the madness” of measurement and verification and what it really means for project risk.

This webcast will explore the international protocols used to measure savings and show how best value is driven by shared responsibility with appropriate accountability. Instructors will discuss the difference between various options that are typically used to measure savings and what changes in technology today have done to blaze a new trail for real-time data and real-time response, ushering in new ways to manage facilities and stay informed. Gone are the days of waiting a year to see what you’ve saved. Find out now and let your building do the work for you after this session.


  • Develop and negotiate a performance contract to drive value and avoid pitfalls
  • Strategize to achieve smarter buildings that reduce the burden of daily management
  • Engage with private industry and non-profits to monitor performance in real time