Data Management Approaches

The Data Management Approaches team focuses on critical elements needed to benchmark energy use across a portfolio of buildings. Receiving expert coaching and facilitation from DOE and peers, members will discuss the mechanics for tracking and benchmarking building energy use and have the opportunity to execute benchmarking concepts discussed during team meetings. The group will develop skills for energy management and energy program decision making and benefit from dynamic peer exchange regarding on-the-ground challenges, solutions, and unique approaches to the data management process.

The Data Management Approaches team hosted the inaugural kick-off meeting in March 2013 and the full 2013 meeting schedule can be found below. Representatives from governments ready to take their data management programs to the next level are encouraged to participate. Contact us to join the Data Management Approaches team or for additional information.

Take Action


In April, learn about getting organized around data management. Work with DOE and Peers to understand how to engage stakeholders and develop a building-energy ‘map’
In May, learn about resources and promising techniques for benchmarking data collection. Putting the information to practice, work to collect and benchmark facility energy data
In June, discuss the basics of the data verification process to set the stage for deeper analysis. Practice scrubbing energy data to ensure quality results
Tools & Resources

Designing a Benchmarking Plan
A document developed by the DOE Technical Assistance Program (TAP), which provides state, local, and tribal officials with resources to advance successful, high impact, and long lasting clean energy policies, programs, and projects. This document is framework for initiating a benchmarking plan in public sector organizations.

ENERGY STAR Building Manual Chapter 2- Benchmarking
A resource developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with tips and strategies for implementing a benchmarking program, including ENERGY STAR tools.

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Starter Kit
A resource developed by the EPA for getting started with ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager with an animated training, an overview fact sheet, a data collection template, and new account information.