Engage tenants to help improve the energy efficiency of their leased space

Roughly one-third to one-half of the energy consumption in commercial, multi-tenanted buildings is driven by the behavior, equipment, and operating decisions of the tenants. Landlords (owners and managers) seeking to improve the energy performance of their buildings need to encourage and work with tenants to adopt best practices for energy management.

  • The Green Tenant Toolkit was designed by the Business Council on Climate Change to enable partnerships with owners or managers, occupiers, and agents to minimize operating costs, identify split incentives and offering best practice solutions
  • The U.S. EPA has developed Eight Great Strategies to Engage Tenants on Energy Efficiency, which demonstrates how ENERGY STAR program resources can be leveraged to drive meaningful tenant engagement, and also provides proven best practices from champion partners
  • In 2013, EPA will be extending the ENERGY STAR National Building Competition to allow tenants occupying part of a building to compete alongside whole buildings, provided they have access to energy bills or meter data for their space