Express your support for the Better Buildings Energy Data Accelerator and identify opportunities for stakeholder engagement and input

As part of the President's Climate Action Plan, DOE has expanded the Better Buildings initiative to engage leaders in a set of Better Buildings Accelerators designed to demonstrate specific innovative policies and approaches, which upon successful demonstration will accelerate investment in energy efficiency. One of the first Accelerators to be launched is focused on Energy Data.

Through the Energy Data Accelerator, nearly 20 city-utility pairs have committed to develop and implement systems that will demonstrate streamlined, best-practice approaches for building owners to access whole-building energy usage data—with a specific focus on providing information for multi-tenant buildings.

Among the commitments that Accelerator partners have made is an agreement to engage with local stakeholders to identify and understand key needs, opportunities, and barriers related to streamlined energy data access. This stakeholder engagement process provides members with the opportunity to get involved, and to ensure that the Accelerator participants are aware of the importance of data access across the variety of commercial building sectors. In this letter, five members have articulated their chief concerns and recommendations for the Accelerator participants to consider as they build out data access solutions. Member organizations, including industry associations, are encouraged to follow this model in crafting their own letters of support. If members are interested in becoming directly involved with a specific city’s stakeholder engagement process, please contact us and we will help to make the necessary connections.