Data Access

Access to building utility data is a major barrier to implementing energy efficiency measures, since "you can't manage what you don't measure." The Data Access team is working to inform Better Buildings Alliance members about the wide array of initiatives aimed at facilitating access to building performance data, in order to drive benchmarking and other forms of energy performance analysis that serve as the foundation for strategic energy management.

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Tools & Resources

The Better Buildings Energy Data Accelerator
Through the Better Buildings Energy Data Accelerator, local governments are joining forces with their local utilities to make it easier for building owners to get access to whole-building energy usage data for the purposes of benchmarking their buildings. Partners agree to demonstrate streamlined, best-practice approaches for building owners to access whole-building energy usage data—with a specific focus on providing information for multi-tenant buildings. Through these efforts, Partners have committed to put systems in place to provide whole building data to at least 20 percent of commercial and/or multi-family building owners by the end of 2015.

Institute for Market Transformation (IMT)
A non-profit organization that promotes energy efficiency, green building, and environmental protection. IMT aims to strengthen market recognition of the link between buildings’ energy efficiency and their financial value.

The Data Access and Transparency Alliance (DATA)
A collaborative effort led by the commercial real estate industry and green building organizations to provide building operators with energy consumption data to advance energy-efficiency and energy cost savings in buildings. DATA is organized by the Institute for Market Transformation, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International, the Real Estate Roundtable and the U.S. Green Building Council.

A Utility Regulator’s Guide to Data Access for Commercial Building Energy Performance Benchmarking
A resource developed by the Existing Commercial Buildings Working Group of the State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network (SEE Action). This report offers policy options for state utility commissions in providing energy use data access to help commercial customers increase energy and cost savings through building energy performance benchmarking.

Utilities’ Guide to Data Access for Building Benchmarking
An Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) report that provides an introduction to data accessibility issues and an assessment of the challenges and opportunities for utilities, regulators, and real estate practitioners in implementing data accessibility practices.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
Access to the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager platform and the various tools and resources for commercial and industrial stakeholders, including the ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Starter Kit.

Open Energy Info (OpenEI)
National survey detailing accessibility by consumers to utility data that can be used to determine the ease of data access by geography.

Buildings Performance Database (BPD)
The BPD is the largest free, publicly available database of residential and commercial building energy performance information in the country. Use the BPD to access information about a building's location, age, size, function, electricity consumption, fuel consumption, equipment information and operational characteristics. Discover opportunities for improvement by examining groups of similar buildings and forecast project performance and risk using statistical analysis.