Choose a specification and take part in a demonstration project

The U.S Department of Energy (DOE) and the Better Buildings Alliance have released technology specifications that have the potential to offer significant benefit for the various end-use energy consumers in commercial buildings. These technologies include:

To demonstrate the value of these technologies for office buildings, facilities, warehouses, and other commercial building segments, DOE is currently seeking partners to evaluate products meeting the technology specifications at their facilities. Participating organizations receive a high-efficiency product (often at a discount) in exchange for their cooperation with the field study and can see firsthand the performance, energy savings, and economic benefits of these products. The host site also receives recognition in DOE literature for their participation and commitment to efficient buildings.

Demonstration opportunities for each of the product categories are still available for organizations interested in hosting a demonstration at their facilities. To help answer a few preliminary questions, we have provided a brief outline for each technology, including energy savings, cost, and payback estimates as well as how the demonstration would proceed.

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