Better Buildings Alliance members agree to participate in at least one Alliance activity each year and share their successes with their peers. Members can choose from a variety of activities, such as testing out an implementation model, joining a technology adoption campaign, or participating in a technology challenge or demonstration. Many more activity options are available through our expert-facilitated project teams. Learn more about Better Buildings Alliance activities and teams below.

Financing, Leasing & Split Incentive, Data Access, Workforce Development, Appraisals & Valuation
Energy Management & Information Systems, Food Service, Laboratories, Lighting & Electrical, Plug & Process Loads, Space Conditioning, Refrigeration, Renewables Integration
Alliance-Wide Activities

Contribute data about your buildings to the Buildings Performance Database
The BPD is the largest free, publicly available database of residential and commercial building energy performance information in the country, including data on building location, age, size, function, electricity consumption, and fuel consumption. Use the BPD to forecast project performance and risk using statistical analysis. Members can also maximize the value of data they already collect by making it available anonymously for broader use by the energy efficiency industry.

Try proven energy-saving strategies documented in the Better Buildings Challenge Implementation Models
Review implementation models that outline actions, tools, and supporting documentation used successfully by partners who have taken the Better Buildings Challenge to achieve their portfolio-wide energy efficiency savings goals. Contact us for additional assistance when you’re ready to try out one of these strategies in your own portfolio.

Choose a specification and take part in a demonstration project
DOE is currently seeking interested members to evaluate products that meet technology specifications for office buildings, facilities, warehouses, and other commercial building segments released by the Technology Solutions Teams. Interested members will receive recognition for demonstrating the value of advanced technologies at their facilities.

See all specifications and discover energy-saving strategies and approaches
Better Buildings Alliance members and DOE technical experts collaborate on Technical Solutions Teams to develop energy-saving performance specifications on advanced technologies for members to deploy in their facilities.

Assist your fellow Alliance members by helping populate the new Technology Performance Exchange
The Technology Performance Exchange will establish a web-based portal and accompanying database that allows technology suppliers to submit product performance data that private and public sector end users can use to make fact-based procurement decisions.